Bert’s 11. birthday

Friday the 04. of Octuber we celebrated Bert”s 4 birthday.

Cake and presents in the morning and a little party at. BajaWurst during the afternoon.

We prepared the first “Currywurst” in La Paz …. just for Bert on his special day! He loved it!

We still have a camping weekend and a paddleboard pending ….

… te amo mi Pipo!

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Tio Guayo – We will miss you!

On Tuesday tio Guayo from Guatemala passed away.

He was one of the most outstanding personalities I have ever met in my life!

I will remember so many moments with him and his wonderful family. Trips with family to Guatemala, meetings in Mexico and Chiapas, BBQs at his house, tequila, conversations, Lulu … too many thoughts right now.

The Heldt Pineda family i thinking of the family in Guatemala very strongly these days – our hearts and thoughts are with all of you!

100813 Falleciem Tio Guayo

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“BajaWurst” opening!

So finally we opened “BajaWurst”, a German style grill in La Paz.

Most of you have enjoyed BBQ at our house in Mexico City or in Tepotzlan. So, now we took this experience one step further.

“BajaWurst” offers sausages (Schuebling, Weisswurst for grill, Cervela), Doener (beef and chicken), salads (the famouse potato salad inspired by my mothers recipe), and beers (Bitburger, Koestritzer and local beers) in La Paz since last week!

We are very happy about this step, offering a very unique product to the local market and are aware how time consuming it will be during the next years.

Details will follow, but I wanted to share with you some pictures (thanks to the local magazine PazLove and Monica Garcia) from the inauguration last Wednesday!

Ideas? Feedback … pls send over.

Next steps definitely will include the famous German “Currywurst”. I would like to offer “Korn” and “Friesengeist”, but it is almost impossible to get this to Mexico.

And pls “like us” on FB! –

Logo Baja Wurst defdef

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Camping “Ensenada de los Muertos”

We organized a camping trip for Alex birthday this week. Friends and family came along to spend 2 days at the beach.

Wonderful time …. swimming in the ocean, making new friends on a sailing boat, Oli the cliff diver (my rips still hurt), Kayak in use 100%, sausages&meat grill at night, a million stars at night and Luka spending more time in the water than on the beach.


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Alex and Bert taekwondo black belt examen!

So, finally after 4 years of taekwondo training, tournaments, camps etc. Alex and Bert took their black belt examen on Friday the 02. of August 2013! We estimate that they trained about 1,100 hours during the last 4 years!

We left the boys at 1000 at the event. They had to go through pre-training sessions, a theoretical examen and a long lunch break. Susi, Teresa and Oli joined in, when the practical examen started.

The examen was separated in 4 parts: forms, self-defense, combat (no contact) and combat (1on1, 1on3)

Alex and Bert passed the examen without any problem. They received their new belt in a box that was covered with a small wooden board – to get to their new belt the board had to be broken with a punch. Amazing noise when all the 60 attendees smashed their wooden boards.

The boys are still not allowed to use a black belt – until they are 16 years old, their belt is half red and half black.

Now we are going to spend a year without exams, but training goes on. Bert wants to qualify again for the regional championship. Next August the preparation for the second black belt examen in 2015 will start ….. but this is still a long way to go!


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Alex 12. birthday!

Yesterday Alex became 12 years old and we had a great day.

Before summer school he unwrapped his presents and heard us sing the “Mananitas” – and was specially thrilled with his new kayak.

During the afternoon we went with grandmother, uncle Tavo and cousins Valeria&Sofia to the beach and tried out the kayak. Oli had to swim a rescue mission to get Alex and Sofia back to shore.

Finally at the end of the day we had cake with family and friends at our house.

073113 A 12 Jahre mit Kerzen

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Karla’s birthday party!

Yesterday Tavo organized a birthday party for Karla. We had a wonderful time with family and friends and our boys were really happy to see their cousine Elena again!

… and Tavo – thanks for the Bitburger!


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