Cooking in the Condesa

So yesterday evening I tried again something with tuna and tostadas …. simple dish, but perhaps a little too much tortilla.

First of all I prepared a handmade mayonnaise. Egg, oil, salt, pepper, garlic, creme and dille.

Divided the 250gr tuna in 2 peases. One part was sliced into sashimi style parts and the other one in litle cubes.

The little cubes where mixed with little tomato cubes and with some mayonnaise.

Now we start building the tuna tower.

First tostada, mayonnaise, green salad and arugula,tuna sashimi. Second tostada tuna, tomato cubes. Third tostada mayonnaise, salad and arugula, sashimi tuna. Finish tower with last tostada.

Serve and put some more salad on the serving plate. Finally cut the tower into smaller peaces and you get a nice salad to eat.

We tried it with a Malbec from Argentina.

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