Bert’s 8. birthday!

Bert became 8. today. We had a great morning celebrating his birthday. The kids got up 15min earlier than usual to enjoy unwrapping presents and enjoying the cake made by Susi last night.
Bert wants to learn how to paint, so we prepared him a little bit for this task.
Bert did not like to have his birthday on a Monday. School, homework and swimming lesson. He took an additional cake to school and his friends enjoyed it.
Sabina brought him a gift to school.

Now lets see what our little artist will paint.

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2 Responses to Bert’s 8. birthday!

  1. Martina says:

    happy birthday! EIGHT whole years! Congrats!

  2. Karla Sosa says:

    Hola Oli,
    No sabía que tenías un blog, pero que bueno que lo tienes, para saber de ti y la familia con mas detalle. Felicidades a Bert…y a la familia.


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