“Currywurst” a different way for re-unification day

Tough food choice today. Germany is celebrating 20 years of reunification and we thought what to have for lunch. So a simple sausage might have been to simple, we put the sausage on a hand made dough and tomato sauce. It got even better. Bert had brought some “Currywurst” sauce and so we put the “Currywurst” on the pizza .Great ….

As you see on the pic -there is a part with italian sausage, which we can recomend as well.

Alex does not like cheese, so he got his pizza without cheese.

News from Luka – we love how he pronounces pizza, “PIKZA”.

YES-and we called uncle Claus on his birthday. Now guess why they celebrate the reunification day on the 3. of October?

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