Susi&Oli weekend in San Miguel de Allende

So, finally by the end of the year we got a getaway weekend. Last time we escaped was exactly a year ago, when we went for a long weekend to Cancun.

San Miguel de Allende is a wonderful little colonial town 300km away from Mexico City.

We left the city on Friday morning and took our friend Ana, who lives in SMA. with us. 3 hours and we got into one of the most beautiful spots in Mexico. It was as freezing as in Mexico City.

Ana had recomended a great hotel (no TV and phone in the room), called “Posada Corazon“.

On Friday we explored the city, had a long afternoon nap and then went out to have dinner at an italian restaurant called “mivida“. We had a great dinner with a wonderful Carmenere.

We finished the day with the light show at the cathedral – Oli falling almost asleep. See a couple of minutes of the show.

We started the day on Saturday with a great breakfast in the hotel. Did you ever had “egg in hoja santa” -wonderful. Susi bought a “hoja santa” plant which is now growing in our “patio” and we will have this breakfast soon made at home.

Then we visited the “jardin botanico” outside the city. Here you will find cactus and other succulent plants that are native to many parts of Mexico.

Susi then went for a nice massage at the “Laja Spa” and relaxed completly for 2 hours.

Then we went on to visit Ana’s glass workshop and had a wonderful time with her. She is doing some amazing work, when you go to San Miguel you have to visit her exhibition. See foto of her work below. Find here at –

Wonderful dinner in the hotel room (and a movie from 1943) and then we slept like babies.

On the way back to the city, 5km outside San Miguel we bought some great organic cheese products (mozarella, parmesano, creme etc.) at Remo’s.

Great weekend and we will have to assure, that we will not wait 12 more month for the next trip.

P.s. – I am sure Susi NOW likes San Miguel again … our first visit together, 10 years ago was a little disaster, but this is a story Susi has to tell.

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