Christmas with the Heldt Pineda family in Mexico City

We are celebrating a mix between the Mexican, German and some new home made christmas traditions.

Susi’s mother joined us in the afternoon.

Once a year, Christmas, the kids watch the movie “Polar Express”. Luka took his nap during the 2 hours and at 1600 we were at church to join the “pastorela” (Krippenspiel), where Alex had to perform as Melchor and Bert  Baltasar.

Luka entertained the entire church during the following Christmas services – and kids very more than excited when we came finally home at 1900 hours.

Santa came to the house at 1947. Unfortunately for the kids he only said hi to Susi and Oli. We shared a “Bitburger” and a tequila before he had to take off

Very carefully the tree was brought to light and the kids came downstairs. Excitement in their eyes their stormed right out to the patio and screamed behind the vanishing Santa “gracias Santa” … only Luka was not sure if he really saw Santa. (MOVIE)

The kids were especially excited about their “Built-a-bear” kit. (MOVIE) The highlight was their first digital camera and pilot jackets Jens had brought from Germany.

For Luka it was the first year he really noticed the presents and unpacked his own presents. (MOVIE)

Luka went to bed and we had our typical christmas dinner. “Bacalao a la Susi”with rice and “potato salad a la Oli” with sausages. Indeed, it is anchallening mix, Susi&Oli had to find a way how to keep their original traditions alive.
I need to mention the great wine we had – a “Las Moras Tannat”.Exceptional.

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One Response to Christmas with the Heldt Pineda family in Mexico City

  1. Hannelore Beschmann says:

    Lieber Oliver, erst heute 06.02. habe ich Deine tollen Videos von Weihnachten etc. angesehen.Einfach schön ….., da sind Alex und Bert aber recht in die Pflicht genommen mit Klavier spielen und Sport und Schule. Schön wie Ihr Eure Traditionen miteinander verbindet, so kommt keiner zu kurz. Der Baum steht in der Ecke und hat echte Kerzen wie im Starenweg. Ja, wie Du schreibst, für Luka war es in diesem Jahr erst richtig zu erkennen – toll wenn es ans auspacken geht! Ich freue mich auf weitere Videos und grüße Euch herzlich Hannelore

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