Piano concert Alex&Bert

Short stopover for lunch at home and then we went to Alex&Bert’s first piano concert, organized by their piano teacher Gabriela Rivera. Gabi organized tis event for 5 of her students at a wonderful house in Coyoacan.

Alex and Bert had great support from Abi (grandmother), tia Chata, tia Liz and Tere with her family.

Bert started the event, playing.

1. L’arpege (Alle Vögel sind schon da)
2. L’abeille
3. Pieza no. 66 – Czerny
4. Pieza no. 68 – Czerny
5. Boogie – Gerald Martin

Alex followed, playing.

1. Danse Ancienne – Gnyesina
2. Escossaise – Hummel
3. “Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen”
4. Menuet – Mozart

Following we heard once again the 4hands from the morning and a new piece, again by Diabelli. (Opus 149, duetto 4)

After the event we drove back to the Condesa and had dinner with Abi, tia Chata and tia Liz. Cold meats and cheese plus a nice “Gran Tarapaca” followed by a game of “Marathon junior”

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