Day trip to the wonderful city of Tlaxcala. about 120km east of Mexico City.

Driving a long the still snowy Ixtacihuatl and Popocatepetle we skipped pyramide Caxactla and arrived at 1100 I rally lovt ehis town. It is the right mix between a still traditional mexican town, with the right amount of modern infrastructure. The city is very clean, people are friendly and police was not looking for “lost chilangos” (like in Puebla).

We explored the historical center and had a great exercise getting up to the “Iglesia de Ocotlan” (Susi pushing Luka 2km uphill). This is one of the most wonderful baroque churches in Mexico. White walls, blue sky, view on the volcanos and astonishing gold covered interior.

We hand lunch in the hotel “Mission de San Francisco” (we stayed at this hotel 12 years ago for one night with BertS) and met Susi’s cousin Honorato with his family.

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