Road Trip Mexico City to La Paz (BCS)!

Finally first blog entry in La Paz. Wanted to share my photos of the trip from Mexico City to La Paz, where we are living right now.

With 2 computers, 3 dogs, one suitcase and Cicero (the rat!) I started the trip to the north. During the first day I had to go to Mazatlan, an aprox. 1,000km drive. I left the Condesa at 0600 in the morning and drove via Toluca, Patzcuaro, Guadalajara (speeding ticket while crossing the city) and Tepic to Mazatlan and arrived at the Pacific Ocean. Got to Mazatlan at 1630 and left the dogs at a local vet! (and Cicero as well).Checked into the hotel right at the Pacific and had to work until midnight …. nobody respects PTO!

Next morning I left Mazatlan at 1330, 500km further to the north. Los Mochis and then to Topolobambo where I had to take the ferry. At the ferry, while buying the ticket, I made my first new friend – Bert from Canada who lives part time in Loreto! So, after having checked in and walked the dogs – Bert, his fiancee Lory (plus her 2 dogs) and Oli had some “Tecates” at “Dona Chucho”.

I was the last to get on the ferry, the dogs were the first. The dogs were not allowed to stay in my car. I had to arm 3 cages and they were stored in a different area of the boat. At 0100 the ferry left for La Paz and after a nice cigar and some “Pacificos” I went to sleep for a couple of hours.

At 0800 we got into Pichilingue and it took me 3 more hours to get the dogs from the boat and to pass the military control. Left the dogs at a local vet and went to Gustavo’s (Susi’s brother) house where I joined the rest of the family.

Gustavo gave us shelter for the next 9 days!

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