Christmas Show “Colegio Maria Fernanda”

So, this post is especially for my mother who would have loved to see the kids perform on stage!

5 little movies – lots of funny dressed kids dancing to USA and french Christmas songs.

Today the school organized a Christmas show for all of the parents at the “Teatro de la Ciudad!”. Alex, Bert and Luka had a great time …. Bert has some serious dancing skills and loved being on stage. Alex and Luka had tons of fun as well! All three boys with happy faces on stage.

… and now vacation until the 03.01.2012!

Luka – 4. from the right!

Bert – after 10sec dancing on the far right!

Bert – on the left side just behind a girl dressed in purple! The girl dressed in yellow is cousin Sofi.

Alex – dancing on the far left end!

Alex – sitting front row far right end!

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One Response to Christmas Show “Colegio Maria Fernanda”

  1. Christof says:

    Cool! Frohe Festtage euch allen!!
    Christof & Co.

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