Family Heldt Pineda celebrating their first year in La Paz!

Susi and the kids arrived on the 06. of July 2011 and Oli on the 07. of July 2011 – so we celebrate the 07. as our arrival day in the Baja!

Most of you know the reasons for this move – security situation in Mexico City (the state where we live right now, Baja California Sur, is the safest state within Mexico) and having a better environment for Alex, Bert and Luka.

We have lived a very interesting, challenging and beautiful year. The kids adapted really fast and continued with their activities right away (taekwondo, swimming and piano). School was not a mayor challenge at all, both Bert and Alex finished the year among the top 5 of their class. Luka adapts wherever he goes – he loves his swimming class and does big steps at the taekwondo school.

Susi and Oli had to get used to the situation that they both spent the days at home. Susi certainly misses her professional activities, but enjoys on the other hand spending much more time with the kids.
Oli keeps on working for Flash Global Logistics and has to express a special thank to Jim van Leenen for the chance he got to perform his activities from La Paz.

I think the summer in La Paz (starting right now, ending end of September) is especially challenging due to the high temperatures. 40 Celsius during the day and 22 Celsius during the night. You manage this with lots of AC indoor and social life in the evening.

La Paz offers a very child friendly environment and I feel for us as adults, compared to life in Mexico City as well. Due to short travel distances within the city you gain many minutes during the day. Susi does zumba/yoga and biking in the morning and Oli apart form running started tennis again and is trying to ride waves in Cerritos twice a month. Common goal since 3 month is learning how to dance salsa (Tino, pls be patience with us) – best mental practice in the world – what we both enjoy , but still need at least 6 month to be a little bit more professional.

Cultural life is challenging, but the government organizes concerts quite frequently and several restaurants/galleries organize concerts and exhibitions. One of the most cultural places, Todos Santos, is only 80km away from La Paz.
Thanks to the web we can follow the Met and the Berlin Symphony whenever we want to.

It was great having friends visiting us – Teresa (abi), Maria, Jens and Manni! We hope that many of you will come over to spent some time here with us. Best time is properly the whale season from December to end of February. Anyhow, except the “hot month” (July to September) there are lots of interesting activities in the Baja. Its the place where you can live “dessert meeting ocean” all year long. Kayaking, fishing, sailing, kite surfing, surfing, great seafood, cool beers ….

The boys and Oli follow their soccer teams from Germany as well thanks to the Internet. Alex happy to see Duesseldorf in 1. division and Bert happy to see Gladbach playing CL/EC next year. Oli’s team, St. Pauli, still living in the 2. division ….
Great that I met Francesco and Andrea from Italy who love soccer as much as me and we saw some really good CL and Euro Cup matches (including the Germany vs Italy game – great match for Italy)

What is to come during the next year …. kids going to regional taekwondo and swimming competitions. Piano recitals , Oli riding the “big” wave in Cerritos, Susi starting her own business (D&D) and Oli being a stronger asset for the FGL team!

Thanks to the following people in La Paz who helped us “a chingo” (a lot) to start at the end of the world again:
Beto, Tavo, Andrea, Karla, Family Peiro, Ivan Hallai, taekwondo crew family Osuna, Colegio Maria Fernanda (espacially Miss Dulce), Rafa Guillon and family, Mariana and James Curtis, Pablo y Angela, Vicente y Monica (Sitges great restaurant, Nash y Steve, Family Millan, Andrea Tamagnini and family, Ben Gillam and family, Abel and Coco (what an incredible wedding in Cabo), Tino, Lindsay and Hannah, Scott and Julian …. and sorry if I have forgotten about anybody!

Let me finish this blog with a wonderful sentence from Antoine de Saint-Exupery

“Love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking outward together in the same direction.”

P.s.: Starting summer vacation right now … Tere, Abi and “las primas” just arrived! (Pineda Mahr family)

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