Fishing trip on Sea of Cortez

Tavo invited us, Jorge and Jesus to a fishing trip on his boat!

We met at 0900 at the marina Pichiligue and spent the day on the Sea of Cortez. We did not catch anything during the first four hours of the trip and when we almost fell asleep a Marlin bit the line. Jorge fought the fish for 20min and then the 40kg fish was on our boat!

A little later we caught a Dorado and Alex fought the fish for 10min, but lost the battle and the Dorado returned safely to the Sea of Cortez.

On the way back to La Paz we crossed the island of “Espiritu Santa” at “La Partida” and said hi to our friend Andrea.

Back in La Paz we took the Marlin meat to a local Sushi restaurant and got all kind of Marlin Sushis during 2 hours.

This was on of the most remarkable days for Alex, Bert and Oli at the Baja …. thanks Tavo

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