Camping weekend at Cabo Pulmo!

So we finally went on our FIRST family camping trip. I think the last time we slept in a tent was on the 11.11.2000, when we got married in Tepotzlan! … and to be honest, we are both not the born campers!

Lots of great places in the Baja are far away form modern infrastructure and so camping is a must if you want to get to know very remote places!

Tuesday last week Susi&Oli just took the decision to try our first family camping this weekend. There is this magical national marine park on the east coast, right on the Sea of Cortez – and if you really want to enjoy the nature you have to stay overnight.

We drove to Cabo Pulmo and took a boat trip to the corral reef.The reef, estimated to be 20,000 years old, is the northernmost coral reef in the eastern Pacific. Afterwards we drove to a little beach called “Arbolitos” and built up our tents. It worked much better than I thought and when night fell we were already sitting around the fire and had dinner.

The night was kind of challenging … noisy neighbors, nervous Ares (our dog), and we weren’t used to sleep on plane sand any more.

We started the morning early at 0615 and really missed a hot cup of coffee.

On the way back we stopped at “Smokey’s” in Barriles and had some great smoked tuna.

… and tonight I will sleep 12 hours.

I think we only missed 2 main things – air mattresses and coffee in the morning!

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