Trip to Mulege!

What was planned as a men’s road trip became a family trip …. because Luka did not want to accept that he had to stay home with Mami and Nico! When he saw Oli preparing his suitecase he went into his room, got dressed by himself and packed a pijama, his crocks and his Puh and presented himself as ready for the trip!

So one hour later than planned the entire Heldt Pineda family took off to Mulege – a 500km drive up north! Short stop over in Loreto, getting to Bahia de Concepcion already in the dark, we arrived in Mulege at about 1830.

The first night was cold and loud, so we changed the next morning directly to the “Hotel Casitas” – which is really the best option in Mulege.

After breakfast we took of to the “Canon de La Trinidad” about 1 hour drive to the south west. We saw the disaster hurricane Paulo had left earlier this year on the way to the rancho where we left the car. 20min walk to a little dam where we had to use a kayak to get to the cave paintings – except Oli and Bert who crossed swimming (water temperature 15 Celsius). Our guide Salvador explained us the 7,000 to 11,000 years old cave paintings , plus history of the Baja and the local fauna and flora. It was a magical moment, sitting in this canyon far away from the rest of the world, imagining how people used this space so many years back.

The next day we visited the Mission in Mulege and understood why Mulege is the rainiest place on the Baja. As well we saw 2 great restaured pick-ups at the mission – Susi loved the 1956 V8 Ford! (I think the photo with the Mission looks just great).

We strolled along the “Bahia de Concepcion” and plan coming back during the Easter holidays with our camping equipment. Lunch break at “Orlando’s” in Loreto and a visit to the first Mission of the Californias (Loreto used to be the first capital of the Baja) … all Missions in the region, up to the today USA, started here!

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