Good bye Fiona ….

After 14 years Fiona left us today!

The last 2 month were tough for her and last Saturday she stopped eating most of her daily portion. We explained the kids what had to be done – she was suffering during the last days. So today a vet came by the house ….

She is now with Smirna and Vespuccio – as Luka expressed it: :”Flying in the sky with her new wings!”

So many stories and places to remember – born on the 13.01.1999, Oli’s parents saw her when she was 2 days old, we wanted to give her to one of our friends – but she was so shy we decided to stay with her, fights between Smirna and Fiona, Fiona educating Vespuccio, Fiona having puppies below the stairs in Amatlan, Fiona and Vespuccio in Tepotzlan, Fiona killing a rat, Fiona hated water, she loved fresh tomatoes, our trip to the Baja with the 3 dogs and finally our last trip to the beach with her 2 month ago.

She will find her last rest in Tecolote! Right next to Cicero and Vespuccio!

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