Fishing with Bert !

On Friday we went with Tavo, Karla, Zoe and Sofi fishing – not to forget our captain Fabricio.

After getting some bate we headed for a spot called “El Bajo” were you can fish “Jurel” (yellowtail amberjack)during this time of the year.

Bert was sea-sick for an hour, but recovered when the first catch came on board.

Tavo got the first Jurel after having the bate for 10 seconds in the water. We fished 5 jureles during the next 3 hours. Bert and Oli fought one together successfully. The jureles meassured about 1 meter and I estimate wyhe weightt between 12 to 17 kilos.

On the way back to the harbour we filleted the jureles on the beach and prepared them for the freezer.

Bert and Oli visited our beds really early this day … but not after having tried some “jurel sashimi”.

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One Response to Fishing with Bert !

  1. Super catch, Felicidades!

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