Alex and Bert taekwondo black belt examen!

So, finally after 4 years of taekwondo training, tournaments, camps etc. Alex and Bert took their black belt examen on Friday the 02. of August 2013! We estimate that they trained about 1,100 hours during the last 4 years!

We left the boys at 1000 at the event. They had to go through pre-training sessions, a theoretical examen and a long lunch break. Susi, Teresa and Oli joined in, when the practical examen started.

The examen was separated in 4 parts: forms, self-defense, combat (no contact) and combat (1on1, 1on3)

Alex and Bert passed the examen without any problem. They received their new belt in a box that was covered with a small wooden board – to get to their new belt the board had to be broken with a punch. Amazing noise when all the 60 attendees smashed their wooden boards.

The boys are still not allowed to use a black belt – until they are 16 years old, their belt is half red and half black.

Now we are going to spend a year without exams, but training goes on. Bert wants to qualify again for the regional championship. Next August the preparation for the second black belt examen in 2015 will start ….. but this is still a long way to go!


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One Response to Alex and Bert taekwondo black belt examen!

  1. Jaime Ventura says:

    Congrats on their achievent. This is a greate milestone in their lifes. Also for both patents that supported al the way.

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