“BajaWurst” opening!

So finally we opened “BajaWurst”, a German style grill in La Paz.

Most of you have enjoyed BBQ at our house in Mexico City or in Tepotzlan. So, now we took this experience one step further.

“BajaWurst” offers sausages (Schuebling, Weisswurst for grill, Cervela), Doener (beef and chicken), salads (the famouse potato salad inspired by my mothers recipe), and beers (Bitburger, Koestritzer and local beers) in La Paz since last week!

We are very happy about this step, offering a very unique product to the local market and are aware how time consuming it will be during the next years.

Details will follow, but I wanted to share with you some pictures (thanks to the local magazine PazLove and Monica Garcia) from the inauguration last Wednesday!

Ideas? Feedback … pls send over.

Next steps definitely will include the famous German “Currywurst”. I would like to offer “Korn” and “Friesengeist”, but it is almost impossible to get this to Mexico.

And pls “like us” on FB! – https://www.facebook.com/Bajawurst?ref=hl

Logo Baja Wurst defdef

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