Growing up ….

Last week we had to take photos for the black belt taekwondo examen.

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Taekwondo examen!

On Sunday Luka went for the “yellow advanced” belt, Alex&Bert did their last “partial” examen before the “black belt” examen in August.

We spent 4 1/2 hours at the examens …. and finished the day at the pool in “Costa Baja” with Beto’s family.

062313 ABL Examen TKW

Alex&Bert (combat):

Luka forms:

Luka combat:

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Piano recital Alex and Bert

On Saturday our piano teacher Ivan organized a piano and singing recital at the “Escuela de Musica del Estado” with some of his students.

The event was organized very professionally and the kids had a great experience being on stage.

Alex and Bert played individually and finally two “4hand pieces”.

Bert played:
A litte song Op. 27 No. 1 by Dmitri Kabalesvsky
Sorrow by Bela Bartok
My heart will go on (Titanic theme) by Celine Dion
Las Olas by M. Aaron

Alex played:
The Clown by Dmitri Kabalevsky
The Pink Panther Theme by Henri Mancini
Prelude by M. Aaron

As usual ….. the 4hands by Diabelli!

061513 A B Hannah piano recital



Alex&Bert 4hands

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Champions legue final 2013!

Andrea invited us to see the match at his house. (I think he finally came over the Juve loss against Munich – earlier this year … )

Family Heldt Pineda dressed up in red, plus Jan (the first German friend here in La Paz) went over to Andreas house and had a great time.

What a game … what a final in Wembley!

… and this was just the start of the party!

052513 CL final O L

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Luka’s 5. birthday party!

Due to the fact that nobody will show up to your birthday party on a 10. of May in Mexico (Mothers day) we invited friends and family on Friday to the house.

Friends and cousings showed up and we spent a great afternoon in the patio. Bert organized games for the kids and Susi and Nico took care of lunch and the cake.

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Hitting the pinata:

Breaking the pinata:

Las Mananitas para Luka:

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Luka’s 5.birthday!

We did not only celebrate mothers day on the 10. of May … as well Luka’s birthday!

Finally his big day arrived – and he could not wait to get down to his “birthday-table” in the morning. Lots of playmobil and his first tennis raquet. His brothers designed him a new sword and shield ….

We spent the day with the family, fresh “ceviche” for lunch and a relaxed afternoon at the pool.

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“Las mananitas” for Luka

Luka trying out his new tennis raquet.

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Mothers day 2013!

The kids celebrated their mother at school with a music festival the day before mothers day. The theme of the festival were the 80ties.

I forgot the camera the day Luka had his perfomance ….

So following some songs and dance perfomances from Alex and Bert.

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Secondary school singing together

Presentation Alex

Presentation Bert

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